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Examinations & X-Rays

Stage One: Extra Oral
Checking the outside of your mouth

Firstly, we assess the large group of muscles that support your jaw and neck, we then check your jaw joint. It is vital that we check for any clicking or crunching, as well as the movement when the jaw is opened and closed. If you are suffering with headaches or migraines, problems with the joint can often be the cause.


Stage Two: Intra Oral
Checking the inside of your mouth

Soft Tissues – your mouth is made up of many different tissues, it is important to your oral health that we check the status of the various tissues at every examination. We routinely screen for oral cancer.
Gum Health - gums are the foundations of your teeth, the dentist will check your gums for any signs of gum disease.

Teeth – at each visit the dentist will inspect all five surfaces of each individual tooth.

Occlusion – at every visit your dentist will check the way in which your teeth come together, this is called your bite.


Stage Three: Oral Hygiene Evaluation

At every examination we will discuss ways to help improve your oral health. We all lead busy lifestyles and at times may be cleaning ineffectively, our eagle eyed dental hygienists will help you get back on track. If needed, we will also look at your diet and check that you are not drinking or eating anything that can cause wear or decay to your teeth.

Dental radiographs known as x-rays are required at times to help diagnose problems under the surface or around the foundations of your teeth. The dentist will inform you if x-rays need to be taken, we use the lowest dose of radiation possible to limit the quantity of radiation a patient is exposed to.

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